Mason Barrett Associates


Personalised Training

Ok - you have your computer - but you don't know what it can do or how to use it? Or you can do all the basic stuff, but you want to achieve more. Or you waste hours fighting your computer and you know there must be an easier way.

We understand your problem. All too often you become frustrated because you know what you want to do but just can't make the machine do it. The solution is training.

Your previous experiences of training courses may have led you to believe that training is very expensive and takes up too much time - but not with us. We are different - and so is the way we help you learn.

Short courses

Each course lasts one day, and is aimed at your level of experience. Very small class sizes (often only two people - never more than four) ensure you get individual attention. There are several courses to choose from. Click here for a full list.

One-to-one sessions

Each session is half a day. Let us know in advance exactly what problems you have and we will tailor a session specifically for your needs.

To discuss your training needs, just give us a call.